Sewing day projects – completed

I am really pleased with how Scrappy Mayhem turned out.

I finished the tie quilting after about two weeks (a couple of hours at a time in the evenings and at weekends). Yesterday I had a sewing day at mums, and had access to the dining room table and the big sewing machine.

I don’t have as many sewing days now as in the past sadly, due to work, and because of this I try and get as much done as possible when I get the opportunity. I also had a few small items I wanted to get made as well and so I took quite a lot of supplies to mums.

We started off by trimming Scrappy Mayhem and squaring it off (as best as we could), I then sewed the binding on the outside edge. It then went back in the bag to be finished at home. This was finished today (see photos below).

Next we made an iPad cover for Dave’s iPad. Dave likes military history and some time ago I had picked up some camouflage fabric and another fabric with planes and tanks on it at a show, with him in mind. Unfortunately the camouflage fabric is really thick and this led to a lot of swearing and unpicking.

I wanted to bind the iPad cover using the camouflage fabric to match the lining however after unpicking it 3 times due to the machine really struggling to manage all the thick layers I decided to use the tank and plane fabric instead. I am pleased with how the cover turned out and am looking forward to giving it to Dave tonight.

We then got started on making myself and Dave a cover/case for our iPods.

Dave had mentioned that he wanted a strap on his so he could wear it around his neck when he goes for walks. The same tank and camouflage fabric got used again. Not as happy with this one as again the thickness of the camouflage fabric made it really tricky. We also added a pocket to both iPod covers to hold the earphones.

I made my iPod case using some scraps. I decided to use the bright red for the outside and the floral for the inside. I like it, except where I have sewn the Velcro on to the flap. I wish I’d used red thread so it didn’t look so messy and blended in but I liked the use of the white thread for the quilting lines. Mum and I have made several cases for electrical bits over the years but we never think to write down the process so every time we make something it’s like it’s the first time.

A few years ago mum made me a case for my iPod Nano which I love. It’s so cute and tiny (see below). I love the fabrics she used.

A gift for my mum

It’s my mums birthday shortly and I recently brought this Lizzie Kate pattern with the idea of stitching it for her.

I have changed all of the colours used and also the design slightly but it is finally finished. I chose to use the satin DMC threads from my stash for most of the design. The blues were chosen specially for the writing as it’s my mums favourite colour. I used some metallic brown to stitch the plant pot. I am really pleased with how it turned out and have decided to just stitch the single flower as I like this better and I want the focus to be on the writing.

I just need to put it into the framers to have it framed and it will be ready to gift. I hope she likes it as I think the sentiment is so very true.

Lizzie Kate finish # 4

I recently went onto the Lizzie Kate website and found some free charts so I decided to stitch one of them on my new 6” x 6” qsnap frame.

I stitched this on some leftover 14 count Aida I had in my stash using the charted colours. I didn’t make any changes to this one and really like it. It was a lovely design to stitch and was a nice small stitch that was easy to travel with.

I worked on it at work during my lunch break and it is finished and ready to frame.

I have been working on a number of my WIPs this week including my Grace Geisha, Grizzly going, and Sew Many Hearts projects.

I am aiming to get some progress on my Ye Olde Map this weekend as this was selected in this months WIPGO. I have done 1 days work on it so far this month. I have 5 more to go. Sadly I can’t take this one to work with me as it’s too big but I’ll work on it at the weekends and make some progress.

I am thinking of removing my Pagoda project from my WIPGO board as I am really unhappy with it. I love the design and as you know I love my oriental designs however it looks so messy as there is a lot of white stitched with 3 strands next to darker threads in 2 threads and the white does not lay nicely at all. I have done this type of effect before with other projects with great effect but I’m not feeling any joy with this one at all. It may just be the white thread that came with the kit and I’m wondering if the dmc white thread might lay better. I may frog all the white and restitch it with dmc but I’m still thinking about it so that may change.

I had briefly debated on dumping it but kits aren’t cheap and I’m unwilling to waste the money I spent on it and I like the design.

Fresh haul – cross stitch

I had a very good weekend this week.

I purchased quite a few new cross stitch bits at really good prices. I received a package of 2 cross stitch books (see photos below) I brought off of a facebook destash site and have already found several that I want to stitch in the future.

I went with my trusty chauffeur Dave to Stevenage to collect a couple of cross stitch charts I found on Facebook marketplace and the seller also showed me some other items she had for sale so I picked up a few more bits.

The first 2 photos in the group above were the 2 charts I was originally interested in. I then also picked out the 3 kits and 1 additional chart (shown in the photos above).

We had a mooch around a few charity shops in Welwyn garden city and I found a cross stitch book that took my interest which is all about designing your own patterns and also contained a number of charts. I couldn’t resist for the bargain price of £1 it came home with me.

I have been very busy stitching over the last week on a range of ongoing projects and have a new quick stitch project on the go called Life’s A Stitch which I am going to take to work with me and stitch during my lunch breaks. I have been taking my large Geisha with me and will still take this one occasionally as I am eager to finish it off.

I have joined another Facebook group called WIPGO which is a site that encourages you to set yourself goals and get your WIPs (works in progress) finished. The idea is to make yourself a bingo board and assign a project to each square, number them and set yourself goals.

The picture below is my WIPGO board.

Each month 2 numbers are pulled at random and you work on those two goals. The aim is to get the goals accomplished by the end of that month. Each goal you achieve is marked off and when you get a line, all corners, or a bingo you give yourself whatever reward you have chosen to give yourself.

I only joined at the end of January so I started from February. The 2 numbers called were 23 and 3. As you can see it is the same project for both numbers. The goal I have set myself are to work 3 days out of the month for each number on my chart. So February for me is to work 6 days on my Ye Olde Map. I have done 1 day so far and am pleased with my progress. It’s a bit awkward to use the huge frame it’s on but I’m managing it. I will complete the top section and then do the backstitching and beading before I roll it up to work on the bottom half.

The 2 photos below are a picture of what the Ye Olde Map will look like when finished and how much I’d done before I started WIPGO.

I have done 1 day so far and am fairly happy with progress (see photo below). I am finding the large frame a big of a struggle but I’m managing as best I can.

I have decided to finish the entire top section of main stitching then I’ll do the backstitching and add the beads before I move the fabric up on the frame to do the bottom half. I usually finish all the main stitching before I do the backstitching and beading but due to the size of this one I think this will be easier.

As you can see from the photos I had one quarter finished and am starting the 2nd quarter.

Lizzie Kate 2nd finish of 2020

Friday and I took this one to work with me today and stitched some on my lunch break as I was eager to finish it. Continued Friday night at home while Jaqui stitched her ongoing Egyptian gods and have now finished it.

I have really enjoyed stitching the Lizzie Kate designs and am now ready to carry on with the larger projects for a while.

Another new start – be your own kind of beautiful

I have a new cross stitch start. I recently received some charts I’d ordered and couldn’t wait to start the Lizzie Kate designs. They are small designs with sayings on them and they’re so cute.

In the early hours of Sunday morning I started the Lizzie Kate – be your own kind of beautiful. I am really enjoying it and it’s been surprisingly quick to stitch. I think I may well finish it before the end of the week.

I’ll post again when it’s done.

Lizzie Kate – be your own kind of beautiful – a finish

I have a cross stitch finish. I started this cross stitch late Saturday night and finished it off tonight (Monday). I really enjoyed stitching this one although I did make a change to the pattern.

On the chart the tulip was upside down (see photo below). I didn’t like that so I stitched it up the right way.

It just needs pressing and hemming and then it is ready for framing. It was great to have a finish especially as most of my WIPs are large projects. I really love the Lizzie Kate charts I got recently and am hoping to find more.

Thread sorting

Following on from my thread parcel I have made a start on sorting them.

The photo above are ones that are labelled with thread numbers and also have an A on them. These I believe are likely to be anchor threads and when Jaqui has pulled out her threads I am going to go through them and see if the colours match up and if so they’re going to her. I may re-bobbin some of them.

The above are either blank or have an A or a U on them. I will investigate these last and see if either of us have any matches and allocate, re-bobbin and label as necessary.

The ones in the photo above are all just labelled with numbers and I believe these are the DMC threads so I am going to check my stash and see if they match up. I will then re-bobbin as necessary and put in order with the rest of my stash. I have a lot of new charts at least 23 of which use at least 70 different colours/shades so this will really help me and save me a lot of money in thread.

Is it weird that I am really enjoying sorting these…?

Maybe, but I don’t care I love it.

I also found some lose shorter threads and they will go into my off cut thread box and I will use them to tie stitch further quilts or to add embellishments or speciality stitches to a crazy quilt I am thinking about.

A few of the cards only hold short lengths so I’ll either add those existing bobbins or they’ll go in my off cut thread box.

Cross stitch mission

If you read my last post you will know that a lovely lady contacted me on one of the Facebook groups I belong to and sent me all of her cross stitching stuff as sadly her eyesight is no longer good enough to do it.

Following the charts, kits and cross stitch fabric I received from her that I showed in my last post she contacted me and said that when she had found them she would send threads as well. She said she was unsure if they were DMC or Anchor would that be an issue?

As I only use DMC and Jaqui only uses Anchor I said no not at all. She told me to expect another package.

OMG! Today I received a large bag of cross stitch threads. I am so blown away the bag is full of threads. I don’t know how many. I am going to sort them tonight and see what I have.

I am so overwhelmed by the ladies generosity I can’t tell you. I may have blubbed a bit. I have already had a sort out of the other things she gifted me and decided what I want to keep and what I am going to re-home.

I have found homes for 2 of the Teresa Wentzler charts that I have duplicates of one in the UK and one in the United States so I will send those at the weekend. There will be more as I get to them and find recipients I feel will appreciate and stitch them.

Gifted goodies

I recently had a lady from one of the Facebook groups I belong to contact me and tell me that she is now unable to cross stitch as her eyesight is not good enough and would I like her cross stitch stuff.

I said that would be wonderful and she very kindly said she would send me everything she had and mentioned a few things she had. I was of course extremely grateful and overwhelmed by her kindness and asked to reimburse her for the postage but she wouldn’t take anything for them and said she was just happy to pass them on.

I had a conversation with her and said that if there was anything not to my taste I would offer it to my best friend and failing that would regift it to another stitcher. She was very happy with this and said I could regift or sell anything I wanted to.

A few days later I then received two large packages stuffed with charts and kits. It was so much more then I thought there would be and her generosity just blew me away.

I went through all the items she sent me and was over the moon to find some Teresa Wentzler charts, which is a designer I love and there were a number that I did not have. I gave Jaqui a white tiger chart I received as she loves big cats.

There were a number of brand new unopened kits some of which I am going to keep and stitch and some i will regift. There was a large number charts, again some I am going to really enjoy stitching and some I’ll regift. Many of the charts even had fabric with them where the lady had selected fabric in preparation to stitch them.

It was such a very generous thing to do that I was really touched and quite emotional. I am really looking forward to regifting some of the lovely items she sent me to other stitchers from my Facebook groups and paying it forward.

I have put several photos of the items I received below so you can see them.

My sort out of my own stash of cross stitch and quilting supplies continues and have managed to sell quite a few bits which has allowed me to pay for extra fabric and threads for a few new projects.

Weekend stitching

Since New Year’s Eve I have done a bit more to my 3 Geishas cross stitch which is coming along nicely.

After my online shopping trip on Boxing Day of cross stitch charts I started one on New Years Eve.

The pattern is for an Art Deco lady which I really like. I have so far managed to complete 2 pages of the chart and on Saturday night managed another 3/4 of a page.

I’m really pleased with my progress on this one and am really enjoying it. This is the first pattern I have ever done that is a full coverage chart with no partial stitches and no backstitching. The below picture shows what the design should look like when finished.

The next photo shows my progress so far.

This photo also show my new needle minder which is super useful.